Natural Expressions Premium Petfood


Do you know how to read a dog food label? We do. And what is on some other dog food labels in our opinion is not ideal. Actually we don't even think it is good at all.

No Artificial Colors or Flavors.
No By-Products.
No chemical Preservatives.
No Ethoxyquin, BHA or BHT

All Natural Ingredients, plus Essential Vitamins and Minerals. (Chelated) Our chicken meal and other meat sources do not contain poultry by-products or other by-products like chicken feet, chicken heads, duck heads, beaks, feathers, fish heads, hides, hoofs and intestines. There are no grain or breakfast food by-products like corn, cottonseed, corncobs, citrus pulp, soybeans, fillers and no screening or other foreign materials such as noxious weeds, straw, hulls or chaff in our product.

Most other brands of dog food include some of those by-products and chemical preservatives. Did you know that the average 44 pound dog can consume 26 pounds of preservatives every year? There is no sprayed on additive or greasy coating. Our food is TWICE OVEN BAKED under carefully controlled conditions and temperatures. We do not extrude our food under high pressure or extreme temperature. The secret to good nutrition is not how many nutrients are present, but rather how available they are and how efficiently they can be utilized when digested. Our good value is baked in not sprayed on!

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Natural Expressions Premium Petfood